When I started a website for my business, I had little or no idea about Digital marketing and how to scale my business.

I was looking for a new approach every day to get my business name popular among people in my area. I had heard about Online Ads through Facebook and Google and I started learning them on my own.

After a few days of the campaign, it felt like I got more misses than hits. I was in dismay watching my campaigns every day, as there were no significant results.

I was in need of a better understanding…

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Have you always thought that…

Why your Marketing never works out the way you Plan?

Why is Marketing so famous?

Why do we require Marketing in our business?

If you are a student and learning about marketing,

If you are a business owner and want to promote your products and services to people,

If you want to start as a Digital Marketer,

then this article will give you a clear and depth understanding of Everything You wanted to know about Marketing.

Marketing is required for every business to make products and services sell better.

“ The Aim of Marketing is…

7th November 2025 — The Global Times

I have always been a person who questions every norm and looks for challenges to solve the gaps in the process of everyday things. I don’t see things simply and would like to present them with my own version to everyone.

I am working as a Food Entrepreneur, solving problems of food wastage through technology. I am working to take my technology ideas to benefit every corner of the planet.

This is an excerpt from my first interaction with Pulkit in the year 2021 when he started his blog and created ripples in…

Pulkit Gambhir

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