The journey from sitting at Desk Job to changing the world as Foodpreneur

7th November 2025 — The Global Times

I have always been a person who questions every norm and looks for challenges to solve the gaps in the process of everyday things. I don’t see things simply and would like to present them with my own version to everyone.

I am working as a Food Entrepreneur, solving problems of food wastage through technology. I am working to take my technology ideas to benefit every corner of the planet.

This is an excerpt from my first interaction with Pulkit in the year 2021 when he started his blog and created ripples in the market through his tech ideas and solving the important problem of food wastage in the world. Today he is among the leading Foodpreneurs and has impacted the lives of a million people.

Previously sitting at a desk job, working 9–10 hours daily as a Professional in Software Industry, turned himself into a Food tech Entrepreneur after the Pandemic hit in 2020.

Started working from home as offices have been closed in lockdown and the world comes at a still.

People started to stock food essentials, many could not anticipate the quantity as it was not safe to get out of homes.

This made him think about the idea of using available food with resourcefulness and prevent wastage.

A person with exceptional ideas at work made him reach here today.

He has achieved his vision of solving the majority of food wastage issues and guiding people to consume food ingeniously. Today, his company has successfully applied their ideas in 4 countries and has helped governments turn their limited resources from short supply to an abundance of food.

He follows a strict minimal diet daily and regularly practices Yoga.

He believes that consuming food should be as per the requirement of daily activities. We can also keep ourselves energized with meditation and a peaceful mind.

He often says, “We should eat for a living and not live only to eat.

While interacting with him, further, we got to know about his future plans and goals to achieve. A person who always kept his focus on completing his daily tasks while at the job, is now having plans for the future in taking his company to great heights and touching the lives of a billion people.

(This is a part of an assignment from the Digital Deepak Internship Program)